Cleaning Services

The Wave 

Starting @ $775

Full Exterior of home. Roof, walls, patio/pool deck, driveway, gutters

The Shoreline

Starting @ $125

Patio/pool deck cleaning

The Island 

Starting @ $85 per exterior wall

Exterior Wall Cleaning 

The Beach

Starting @ $125

Driveway/walkway/sidewalk cleaning 

The Jetty 

Starting @ $125

Fence Cleaning 

The Current 

Starting @ $125

Gutter Cleaning 

The Surface Water 

Starting @ $325

Roof Cleaning 

Window Cleaning 

Starting @ $5 per window 

For home or Business 

Ocean Blue Cleaning Solutions does have a $250 minimum charge 

Ocean Blue can also clean household items such as patio furniture, and outdoor rugs. We offer screen and screen enclosure cleaning. Do you need help with cleaning your heavy machinery, RV or the exterior of your boat? Call us today.